• Advantages of FILIPLAY Casino Agent Rebate Program

    Discover the unbeatable benefits of becoming a part of FILIPLAY's 1.2 Agency Program. Enjoy daily earnings, no need for active members or deposit limits, and the flexibility to earn whether you win or lose. Plus, no fees will be deducted, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience

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    Daily Earnings

    Receive your earnings on a daily basis, providing you with a steady and reliable income stream

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    No Active Members Requirement

    Unlike other programs, there's no need to worry about recruiting active members. You can focus on your own success

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    No Deposit Limit

    Enjoy the freedom to operate without worrying about deposit limits. Your earning potential is not restricted

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    Unlimited feedback

    FILIPLAY's agent rebate program has no upper limit, and your rewards will grow in proportion to the number of players you successfully invite.

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    No Deducted Fees

    FILIPLAY understands the importance of your earnings. Rest assured, no fees will be deducted from your hard-earned income.Join FILIPLAY's 1.2 Agency Program today and experience a hassle-free, lucrative partnership with one of the leading online gaming platforms. Your success is our priority!

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    Multiple game options

    FILIPLAY provides exciting multiplayer games, including slot machines, poker, horse racing, live casino, cockfighting, fishing machines, etc., ensuring that you have a variety of choices to meet the needs of different players.

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    Real-time statistics

    Through FILIPLAY's agent backend system, you can track your player activities and returns in real time to ensure you understand your performance at any time

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    Earn Regardless of Win or Lose

    Whether the players you refer win or lose, you still earn money. This flexibility ensures consistent earnings

  • Casino Agent Rebate Revealed: The Best Way to Make Money Easily!

    In the booming development of online casinos, agent rebates have become a unique charm that attracts animal participants. The FILIPLAY Casino Agent Rebate Program is an exciting opportunity for you to easily earn extra rewards while enjoying entertainment.

    Why choose agent rebate?

    Affiliate Rebates are an easy way to make money, by becoming an Affiliate Partner of FILIPLAY Casino you can enjoy a portion of the return on the net losses incurred by each invited player in the game. This means that not only will you be able to promote quality casino entertainment, but you will also be able to earn extra cash in the process and most importantly, make money whether you win or lose.

  • What exactly is online casino agent rebate? The pile of proper nouns is dizzying!

    No matter who has been playing in the entertainment city for a while or is a novice player in the entertainment city, there must be black question marks for a bunch of proper nouns, such as agent betrayal, pumping water, flowing water, etc. A bunch of proper nouns related to water are really confusing. You and I are confused! But please remember that these proper nouns are necessary for players in the entertainment city to know, because these proper nouns are all related to money! So the reason why you must know this is to prevent your own rights and interests from being harmed!

  • What is agency rebate?

    If you have a credit card, you should know that all credit card banks offer so-called cash back, right? That is, every time the credit card reaches a certain limit, the bank will give a relative % feedback to attract users to continue using it.


    So the meaning of online casino agent counter-profit is to use a certain formula to calculate a certain feedback bonus (anti-profit bonus) for online casino players. Games that usually have counter-profit include: sports lottery, live casino, electronic games , fishing machines, cockfighting, etc., all have relative counter-profit bonuses. As for different online casinos, they have different counter-profit bonus systems.

    What is the code washing amount, betting amount, and betting volume?

    In fact, these three words all mean the same thing, that is, regardless of whether the player wins or loses the bet, the amount of the bet just now is considered the "wash amount", which is simply your total bet amount. .


    Example 1: Bet 1,000 yuan, but lost all


    Code washing amount = 1000


    Example 2: I bet 1,000 yuan, but all of them won.


    Code washing amount = 1000


    Profit amount = 1000*0.97 = 970


    Example 3: Bet 1,000 yuan, but hit the hole or the score (the handicap is 1+85).


    Code washing amount = 1000*85 = 850


    Profit amount = 850*0.97 = 824.5


    So when the three bets are added up, the cumulative bet amount is 1000+1000+850 = 2850 yuan!

  • How to participate in the agent rebate program?


    Register as an agent

    Log in to your FILIPLAY account, go to the agent page, and fill out a simple application form to become an agent partner.


    Share your agency link

    Get your unique affiliate link and share it with friends, family or followers on social media to invite them to join FILIPLAY Casino


    start making money

    The losses incurred by players you successfully invite in the game will be immediately converted into your rebate rewards, no need to wait.

  • The FILIPLAY Casino Agent Rebate Program is an unparalleled opportunity that provides you with the best way to earn money and enjoy quality entertainment. Become an agent partner of FILIPLAY now and start your money-making journey!

    Best of all, whether you lose in the game you will still have money, and win even more