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Experience FILIPLAY’s Exciting Level Challenge with a Maximum Bonus of 88,888


FILIPLAY invites you to a thrilling gaming journey with our Level Challenge. Designed to reward our dedicated players, this challenge offers a maximum bonus of 88,888. Filipino gamers, get ready to enjoy an adventure filled with fun and big wins.

Activity Rules

To join the Level Challenge, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Only member type accounts are eligible.
  • The withdrawal account must be bound.
  • Your mobile phone number needs to be verified.

Challenge Details

Here’s how our Level Challenge works:

  • Complete designated tasks within three days for each level.
  • Players will receive conditions to complete the level after getting the red envelope.

Key Points

  • Must complete each level before starting the next one.
  • Incomplete tasks will prevent progression to the next level.

Filipino Cultural Appeal

FILIPLAY is committed to providing an experience that resonates with Filipino players. Our Level Challenge celebrates local gaming culture and offers an opportunity to share success stories and connect with fellow gamers.

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Ready to win big? Join FILIPLAY’s Level Challenge today, complete the tasks, and stand a chance to win up to 88,888 in bonuses. Happy gaming and good luck!